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Disney announces space-bound Cars/Planes spin-off


Story by Jack Foley

DISNEY has announced the next chapter in its Cars universe – and it’s heading into space.

Speaking at D23, the Disney Expo in California, John Lasseter took to the stage to show off footage from a new Disneytoon project he dubbed ‘the speed test’.

Described by those who saw it as something like “Top Gun on steroids”, the footage debuted a new set of planes-style characters that can fly all the way into space.

Like their Planes counterparts, the characters had faces, although Lasseter made no direct mention of that franchise.

The scene began by showing two planes zooming through a desert landscape, only for a third plane to rocket down from above and outpace them at every opportunity. As that plane hurled through the stratosphere, a title card came up, reading only ‘SPACE’.

But any notion that the film’s title was the same was quickly dispelled when other words came up around it, saying that “this SPACE will be filled with a title in the future”.

The film, which will get a cinematic release, is currently scheduled for April 12, 2019.

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