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Dracula Untold stars visit British Library’s Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination exhibition

Dracula Untold and Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination exhibition

Story by Jack Foley

LUKE Evans, Sarah Gadon and Gary Shore, the stars and director of Dracula Untold, attended an exclusive preview of the British Library’s Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination exhibition on Monday, September 22.

The cast met with British Library curator Greg Buzwell to view a range of their Dracula related exhibits including the original Dracula play script in Bram Stoker’s hand and a 1st edition of the novel.

Greg Buzwell, Co-curator of Terror and Wonder, explained: “The Gothic imagination with its love of the awe-inspiring, the wondrous, the terrifying and the uncanny has cast dark and beautiful shadows across all aspects of our lives for hundreds of years.

Terror and Wonder brings this fascinating story to life through manuscripts, paintings, film and fashion. Of course a key figure in the story of Gothic is that of Count Dracula, and being able to explore the origins of Bram Stoker’s iconic creation with the director and members of the cast from Dracula Untold was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a unique chance to combine historical manuscripts and printed sources with the creative imagination that goes into bringing such a memorable and complex character to life on film.”

Dracula Untold is released in UK cinemas on October 3, 2014, the same day Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination will be open to visitors at the British Library.

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About Dracula Untold

Luke Evans (Fast & Furious 6, Immortals) stars in Dracula Untold, the origin story of the man who became Dracula.

Gary Shore directs and Michael De Luca produces the epic action-adventure that co-stars Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Charles Dance.

About the exhibition:

Two hundred rare objects trace 250 years of the Gothic tradition, exploring our enduring fascination with the mysterious, the terrifying and the macabre.

From Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Stanley Kubrick and Alexander McQueen, via posters, books, film and even a vampire-slaying kit, experience the dark shadow the Gothic imagination has cast across film, art, music, fashion, architecture and our daily lives.

Beginning with Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto, Gothic literature challenged the moral certainties of the 18th Century.

By exploring the dark romance of the medieval past with its castles and abbeys, its wild landscapes and fascination with the supernatural, Gothic writers placed imagination firmly at the heart of their work – and our culture.

Iconic works, such as handwritten drafts of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the modern horrors of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser and the popular Twilight series, highlight how contemporary fears have been addressed by generation after generation.

Terror and Wonder presents an intriguing glimpse of a fascinating and mysterious world. Experience 250 years of Gothic’s dark shadow.

View photos from the visit