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Dwayne Johnson to play DC Comics character Black Adam


Story by Jack Foley

DWAYNE Johnson is to play DC Comics character Black Adam in forthcoming movie Shazam.

The actual status of the movie is very much in development as, thus far, Warner Bros has made no official announcement on casting. Indeed, it is only believed to be one of nine mystery titles that have been scheduled for release between 2016 and 2020.

But Johnson has been dropping hints about his superhero involvement for months and finally let the cat out of the bag on Wednesday when he Tweeted the news to his fans.

Hence, rather than playing Shazam himself (as rumoured), he will play the character’s nemesis, an earlier version of Shazam from Ancient Egypt who has become an anti-hero in recent years.

The Hercules star claims to be a fan of anti-heroes and also maintains that Black Adam has always been one of his favourite characters.

Shazam has been portrayed in DC comics as honourable and flawed by pride, making him less of a traditional villain and more of a complex character to play (rather like Marvel hit Loki).

Darren Lemke is set to write a script for the Shazam movie.

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