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Elizabethtown - Kirsten Dunst interview

Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown

Interview by Rob Carnevale

Q. This is one of the strongest characters you have portrayed so far. How did you go about getting an insight into her?
I just read a few sides when I auditioned for the movie and it was just a nice match. You hardly ever read things where you don’t think, ‘how the hell am I going to play this?’ But this one really flowed. It was such a beautifully written role. It was a nice match for me and I could understand her and I think the balance is that she’s kind of like a heart-breaking character, even though she’s really positive. She’s very much a giving person. She’s people pleasing so much in a way that it’s kind of sad and has that at the core. I played it as if she was so giving that she almost had an empty feeling at the end of the day.

Q. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever had done?
I’ve been asked that a lot but it loses it’s meaning if you share it.

Q. Did you notice any difference between working with British actors [Orlando and Paul Bettany] and American ones?
They’re all such individual actors. But the humour is certainly different. In terms of work and acting it’s all the same.

Q. Are you surprised about how successful your career has been. And do you ever think ‘where do I go from here’?
There have been a lot of bad movies, believe me, just look at IMDB. But what it meant to me when I was younger is completely different to now. I don’t feel settled at all. Every project I do, I feel like I can do stuff differently the next time. It’s just growing up. I don’t feel like I’ve done it all.