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Elysium and Robocop release dates moved in US


Story by Jack Foley

SONY Pictures has moved the release dates for its eagerly anticipated movies Elysium and Robocop.

Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium, the director’s keenly-anticipated follow-up to District 9 starring Matt Damon, has moved from March 1 to August 9, 2013, with the UK date set to follow suit.

The film’s new date means it will open on virtually the same weekend on which District 9 became a sleeper hit in 2009 on its way to grossing $210 million worldwide.

It also slides into the spot previously held by Robocop, which Sony and MGM are pushing back to February 7, 2014.

Elysium is set on a space station occupied by the very wealthy while the rest of humanity lives on a ravaged, over-populated Earth. Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley also star.

The Robocop remake, directed by Jose Padilha and starring Joel Kinnaman in the title role, has been deciced upon to allow more time for post-production and visual effects, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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