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Emily Browning talks Sleeping Beauty and 'disturbing nudity'

Sleeping Beauty

Story by Jack Foley

ONE of the most intriguing films to be playing in competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival looks set to be Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty, starring Emily Browning.

But anyone anticipating a re-do of the classic fairytale (a la Red Riding Hood) had best think again… this has very little to do with that story.

Rather, it contains a lot of prostitution, “disturbing nudity” and is a very raw experience, according to its leading lady.

Speaking while promoting Sucker Punch Browning said: “This is the first script that Julia wrote. It was on the black list. She is being mentored by Jane Campion, which was kind of amazing. And it’s about a girl who is sort of going through her life just living and letting things happen to her.

“But she falls into this really niche area of prostitution where she is drugged willingly and while she sleeps people do things to her. It’s a nice family film.”

When questioned further on the sexual content of the film, Browning added: “It has a lot of nudity but it’s not sexy nudity; it’s kind of disturbing nudity, generally. It’s the antithesis of this [Sucker Punch] because there’s nothing polished or cool about the sexuality. It’s pretty raw.”

And referring to the name of the film and its obvious association, she said: “It does loosely follow that narrative of Sleeping Beauty – the idea of the untouchable kind of princess. There are a lot of sleeping scenes and it is kind of her awaking from that rest in a way, which is strange.

“[But] it’s been a little tough because people come up to me and say: “Finally, a film that my six-year-old daughter can watch!” No…. not really!”

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