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Enchanted: Our guide to the classic Disney references


Compiled by Jack Foley

DISNEY’S critically-acclaimed new family hit Enchanted takes inspiration from its incredible heritage, and looks back at Disney’s past with a number of clever references – some obvious, others not so…

If you’ve been eagle-eyed enough to spot them, why not take a look at our check list to see if you were right…

Animated Section

- The story book pops up, and the narrator begins the story. The pop up book is a modern take on the traditional openings of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The hall the book is in is based on Evind Eryle’s artwork for Sleeping Beauty.

- The Troll is wearing remnants of past Disney Princess dresses as a loincloth: Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. He also has Ariel’s (The Little Mermaid) shells as earings.

- Inside the treehouse, there is a bell jar with a rose in it, which is from Beauty and the Beast.

- The scene where Giselle and Edward ride off into the sunset, singing, is just what Snow White and Prince Charming do at the end of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

- When Giselle arrives at the castle, she meets an old hag who takes her to a well – this is a direct reference to Snow White

Live Action Section

- In the offices of Churchill, Harline and Smith where divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) works, Robert is working on a case with a divorcing couple with the surname of Banks – they are based on the troubled parents in Mary Poppins.

- The name of the law firm is a direct homage to song writers of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline and Paul J Smith

- Robert’s trusty assistant Sam is named after Philip’s trusty stead Samson in Sleeping Beauty.

- Sam is played by Jodi Benson, the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid

- Sam sits across from a fish tank, which is a reference to The Little Mermaid

- The Happy Working Song is a complete homage to “Whistle While You Work”. Other Disney references during this scene include:

Birds make Giselle’s dress into an apron, birds put an apron on Cinderella

Bubbles with Giselle’s reflection are a homage to Cinderella

Flies twist a dish cloth that releases water, much as the birds twist a sponge full of water onto Cinderella

Animals do the dishes like Snow White

- In the scene where Edward pierces the roof of the bus, the lady with the bag of bird seeds is a homage to the bird woman in Mary Poppins

- The poison apples in the film are a direct reference from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

- The Bella Notte Restaurant is named after the song in Lady and the Tramp. There is a sign in the window at the far end of the restaurant.

- In the hotel room where Edward and Nathaniel are staying, Edward refers to the TV as “magic mirror” which is a reference to Snow White

- The soap opera that is playing on the TV features actress Paige O’Hara – the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Her name in the soap opera is Angela, after Angela Lansbury who voiced Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast. The male soap opera star is named Jerry after Jerry Orbach who plays Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and the music that underscores the soap is the song from Beauty and the Beast.

- The ballroom scene where the old hag convinces Giselle to take a bite of the last poison apple is a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

- The kiss from Giselle’s true love being the only thing that will wake her is a reference to Snow White and Sleaping Beauty

- The clock striking 12 is a reference to Cinderella

- Narissa turning into a dragon is a reference to Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty

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