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Eric Bana enlists for Peter Berg's Lone Survivor

Eric Bana (right) in Munich

Story by Jack Foley

ERIC Bana has enlisted for Pete Berg’s Lone Survivor, the film version of Afghanistan war hero Marcus Luttrell’s account of a Navy SEAL mission gone bad.

The actor is in talks to join Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch on the action-drama, in what is very much a passion project for Berg.

The director, who helmed Battleship earlier this year, began developing the film five years ago when Universal bought the book and life rights for the project.

And he spoke passionately about it while promoting Battleship in London, saying: “I loved the book. It’s a hell of a read. It’s four young men, who are very intelligent Navy Seals, who are put in an extremely complicated situation where every 20 minutes they’ve got to make a decision, and every one of those decisions… sometimes they don’t even realise they’re making them, but any one of those decisions can start a chain of events that goes either well or poorly.

“And they start making decisions where they have eight different options and only one is a good one… seven are bad. Every once in a while, they choose the bad one and it’s fascinating to see how things get out of control. It’s a really unique study of how something can go wrong and how you try and get out of it.”

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Hence, Lone Survivor will chronicle the story of Luttrell and three other SEALs as they embark on a reconnaissance mission near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in 2005.

While doing so, they came across an old man and three boys and allowed them to pass by, knowing full well that it could jeopardize their lives.

But the act of mercy backfired and soon the team was under attack by a small Taliban army with Luttrell emerging as the lone survivor. A later firefight led to the largest loss of life in SEAL history.

Bana will play a SEAL lieutenant in a role that echoes the one he took in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin next month in New Mexico.

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