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Expendables 3 aiming to attract younger audiences

The Expendables 2

Story by Jack Foley

SYLVESTER Stallone has revealed that the third film in his Expendables series will be more audience friendly.

Speaking at a Cannes press conference, in which he was joined by co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford (among many others), the series creator said that the film would be a PG-13 in the US.

“We think we owe it to the next generation that they won’t have to sneak in to our film,” he explained, before stressing that it would still be close to the R-rated violence the series fans had come to expect.

Underlining how pleased he was with the film in general, Stallone went on to say that the series had continued to evolve since it first took shape with the original.

“With the first one, I didn’t know which direction to go. It was experimental, more dramatic and heavier. In the second one, I think we went too far in the comedy and one-liners. I believe we finally got it right on the third one.”

Patrick Hughes, whose has previously only directed the Aussie action film Red Hill, has stepped behind the camera for this latest instalment (2010), which promises to be the most star-studded one yet and, according to another Stallone revelation, made in the style of the Bourne films.

The revelations were made during an hour-long press conference at the Carlton hotel, which followed the stars’ arrival in a pair of tanks.

In what proved to be one of the highlights of the festival so far, for sheer glamour and good humour, all of the participants had moments to shine.

Other key moments included…

Harrison Ford, a new addition to the franchise, admitting to having ‘great fun’ working on the film as well as being able to show off his real-life helicopher piloting skills after Stallone agreed to add pilot scenes into the movie specifically for him to do so.

Ford was also asked about his participation in the new Star Wars movies that have begun shooting in London. But despite saying that he was honoured to be a part of the franchise once more he refused to be drawn on how big a role he would be playing as Han Solo.

“I’m just delighted to be involved,” he said of JJ Abrams’ as yet untitled sequel. “We have a great script and a wonderful cast… JJ is a director at the top of his game.”

Stallone described himself and Schwarzenegger – two fierce box office rivals during the ’80s and ’90s – as being “almost like Ali and Frazier”. And both took it in turns to pay compliments to each other, while professing their undying respect.

However, when pressed on which roles of one another’s they wished they could have nabbed, Arnold quipped: ““I remember Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. I think Sly was wearing diapers and that looked pretty fun.”

Before Stallone hit back: “Didn’t you have a baby in a movie?,” a reference to Schwarzenegger’s turn in Junior.

If that brought about big laughter and applause, then Stallone’s answer to the question of retirement provided yet another comic gem: “I think when you wake up in the morning and your ass falls off, it’s time to retire. We are children with arthritis; we are young forever!”

The Expendables 3 is released in UK cinemas on August 14.

The Cannes Film Festival continues until May 25.

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