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Extras injured on Valkyrie film set

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3

Story by Jack Foley

ELEVEN film extras have reportedly been injured while filming a scene from Tom Cruise’s new film, Valkyrie.

One man was seriously injured in the incident, which occurred when the side of a truck fell open as it drove around a corner on the German film set.

Ten other people were treated in hospital but released, according to a spokesman for Berlin police, who added that there were currently “no findings to suggest anyone famous was involved”.

The film, which chronicles the real-life story of a plot to kill Hitler in 1944, stars Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy and Patrick Wilson and is directed by Bryan Singer from a script by The Usual Suspects screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie.

The truck is now being inspected for any technical defects as part of an ongoing police investigation.

Valkyrie has never been far from the headlines in Germany ever since a row blew up over the casting of Cruise in the movie.

Earlier this summer, crew members were banned from filming at the former staff quarters where Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who led the plot, was executed amid rumours that the ban was imposed because of German hostility towards Cruise’s Scientologist beliefs.

However, a government spokesman later denied such claims, insisting that the filming restriction was put in place to preserve the building’s “dignity”.

The building, known as the Bendler Block, is now a memorial for Third Reich resistance fighters.

In light of the accident, filming was called off and it is not known whether any further delays would result.