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Falklands hero Simon Weston to be focus of new film

Story by Jack Foley

FALKLANDS hero Simon Weston is to be the focus of a new film.

According to Screen, Jonathan Teplitzky, who directed Colin Firth in The Railway Man, is to helm the project, which will draw on material contained in Weston’s three autobiographies.

The script will be written by historian and former Guardian columnist Alex von Tunzelmann.

Born in Caerphilly, Weston was serving in the Welsh Guards when he suffered severe burns after the landing craft Sir Galahad was bombed at Bluff Cove in June 1982 as part of the Falklands camaign.

A total of 48 soldiers and crew aboard the Galahad were killed but Weston survived and was subsequently needed on more than 70 operations.

However, upon returning home, he suffered a period of severe depression before turning to charity work, for which he was awarded an OBE in 1992 and a CBE in 2016.

As well as campaigning on military issues, he agreed to join the opposition Conservative party’s military covenant commission, which reported on the relationship between government and the armed forces.

As yet, there are no details of casting or a start date for production. But the project has been in the works since 2003 and now appears to have gained traction with the appointment of a director.

Teplitzky won acclaim for The Railway Man, which focused on the life of another war hero, the Second World War veteran Eric Lomax.

Lomax was a British soldier serving in Singapore when it fell to the Japanese, forcing his surrender and subsequent despatch to the notorious Burma (or death) Railway. Once there, he was tortured by his captors, who found a hand-built radio in his possession, and subjected to unspeakable cruelty, much of which was overseen by the translator Takashi Nagase.

Surviving the war, Lomax returned to Scotland and lived a lonely existence until he met Patti Wallace on a train. Their ensuing relationship brought love and marriage but also triggered more inner turmoil, which Lomax continued to battle silently until being offered the chance to return to Thailand to confront his oppressor for a final time.

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