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Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer - Chris Evans interview

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Interview by Rob Carnevale

CHRIS Evans talks about reprising his role as The Human Torch in Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, as well as buffing up for shower scenes and getting his first doll!

Q. The ladies are going to love the scene when you come out of the shower? Did that require a few extra gym sessions?
Chris Evans: These are the questions that I get asked all the time… This film is going to be something that a lot of people are going to see, including my kids, so you don’t want to look like a wet noodle. So it’s an added incentive to get to the gym. But I like to exercise regularly anyway. I just feel better mentally and physically after a nice workout.

Q. You get a brief experience of The Thing’s make-up. How was that? Did you come to sympathise with co-star Michael Chiklis and what he has to endure?
Chris Evans: Actually, it was only one day. And it was an amazing difference the fact that my scalp was exposed! I got a nice taste but I didn’t get the full experience and I don’t want it! But you do have a huge appreciation for what Michael does.

Q. How difficult is it to work with special effects for so much of the time?
Chris Evans: The real difficulty is getting on the same page with your director and special effects advisers who know what’s happening around you. Even if you can tap into your imagination and commit to the silliness of what you’re doing you still have to know exactly what it’s going to look like in the end. If you’re playing off of something that’s happening around you but then it looks completely different in the final product, then the performances won’t match. So it’s about communicating with your director and special effects advisers to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Q. How does it feel to have your own action figure? Is it your first doll?
Chris Evans: It is my first doll [laughs]. My mother has every single toy made from this movie. You can walk into a room and it’s like a toy store. A lot of things about this business are overwhelming but when you see a kid playing with a miniature figure of you it’s like: “Wow!”

Q. What have you got from the comic book experience – was it what you expected or something different, especially in terms of fan feedback? Jessica Alba mentioned the thrill of having a little girl coming up to her…
Chris Evans: Well, not only a little girl but it’s great to have a 70-year-old man come up and say he loved these comic books as a kid. That’s when you kind of process what a major part of pop culture and how iconic these characters are. Any movie you make is amazing, and any time you can be part of a film is a blessing and you’re always grateful, but then you go to these conventions and you see the ripple effect that Stan Lee has had… to even stand close to the sun that this guy omits is unbelievable.

Q. You’ve helped to save the world twice this year in Fantastic 4 and Sunshine. But did you notice any difference between filming a blockbuster like this and something more independent like Sunshine?
Chris Evans: Well, I think the major difference is the budget. As far as the approach is concerned, that’s pretty much the same whether it’s a Reebok commercial or Schindler’s List. The pace of the filmmaking and the environment is drastically affected by the budget. If you have deep pockets you have more time, you can experiment a little bit and I think the vibe on the set is definitely a lot more light-hearted because you’re not always checking the clock.

Sunshine was a bit more of a crunch and you really had to map out your blueprint before you came to work every day. It feels a little more like work.

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