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Fast & Furious - Jordana Brewster interview

Jordanna Brewster in Fast & Furious

Interview by Rob Carnevale

JORDANA Brewster first drove into the spotlight playing the sister of Vin Diesel’s underground street racer in The Fast & The Furious back in 2001.

Almost eight years later, she reprises that role for the fourth film in the franchise and talks to us about what it was like to revisit the role of Mia, her former co-stars and what she’s really like behind the wheel of a car…

Q. Did you ever imagine that you’d be reprising your role after so many years?
Jordana Brewster: Not after so many years. I wanted to be a part of the second one [2 Fast 2 Furious] when I heard they were going to make the sequel but it didn’t really make sense given that Vin’s character didn’t come back, and I was his sister. Plot-wise, that didn’t make sense. But I’m so excited to come back now, and the fact that the fans are happy to have us back after so many years is a testament to the franchise, and a testament to what Rob Cohen started and what Justin Lin has continued. It’s a great, great thing.

Q. How easy was it stepping back into the character of Mia?
Jordana Brewster: It was easy. Initially, I was a little nervous because I’ve never done that before. I’ve played the same character on television shows and that’s really easy because it’s a continuous thing. So, on this I thought that maybe I should re-watch The Fast & The Furious but that didn’t really make sense to me. So, in the end it was more the wardrobe and inter-acting with the other actors that helped to bring it all back.

Then, I think the hardest part was figuring out how much she’s changed, which Justin really did emphasise a lot. Mia was a lot younger then [in the original] and I think you do change a lot between the ages of 20 and 28. She went from being a young girl, who was a little more in her brother’s shadow, to really being a self-assured woman who will speak her mind and has a stoic strength about her. I really admire her because she possesses qualities that I don’t really have. I’ll get more in your face and a lot more dramatic about getting something I want. If I had a brother like Dom [Toretto], I’d be hysterical worrying about him. So, she says her piece and then backs away, which is a really admirable quality.

Q. Had you stayed in touch with Vin or Paul [Walker] over the years?
Jordana Brewster: I didn’t stay in touch with anyone. I went to school… or rather I was in school when we were shooting the first one and then I went back. We all went such different paths and we’re all so different, which is what I think makes the chemistry work so well. It’s what makes us entertaining to watch.

Q. Did you notice any changes over the years?
Jordana Brewster: They have not changed! Paul is still a big kid. He has a huge heart. Michelle [Rodriguez] is brutally honest and blunt, and doesn’t really care who she’s saying it to. She’ll always speak the truth, which I really admire. And Vin’s the same way he is in the movie – he’s very brotherly towards me and he gives me great advice, which I really appreciate. So no one’s changed that much thankfully.

Q. What do you think makes the franchise so enduring?
Jordana Brewster: I think what made it so successful initially was the fact that there was all this action but the characters are a bunch of misfits who act as family. But it’s not a traditional family in that sense, even though it works. There’s a lot of solidarity and there’s a code that they abide by. I think that made it really appealing and helped launch the series. And then… I don’t know, it’s the girls that are beautiful, then Paul and Vin who are fun to watch and easy on the eyes, and the action is insane. It’s a great escape from reality and a great way to tune out for 90 minutes. The movies that are doing well at the moment are the huge comedies, the horror movies and the action movies.

Q. How are you behind the wheel of a car?
Jordana Brewster: I’m not that good! I got my licence for the first movie and I’ve gotten a little bit better but I still need censors. I get used to my car and then have a very tough time driving any other kind of car. If I have to rent a car I dread it. I’ve gotten my eyes checked in the past when I’ve had a couple of fender-benders in a row… someone suggested: “Maybe your vision’s not 20/20.” But unfortunately it is. I was kind of hoping I’d need glasses for driving because I thought there must be some explanation. Now I think it’s half getting distracted and half some kind of spacial thing going on with me, really [laughs].

Q. What car do you drive?
Jordana Brewster: I drive a Mercedes ML 500.

Q. Paul has mentioned that a fifth film is almost a certainty. Will you be back and will we see more of you behind the wheel?
Jordana Brewster: I would in a heartbeat. I would love to drive a little bit more because the stunts look so cool. They’re nerve-wracking to shoot because there’s so much pressure and they’re dangerous but I would absolutely love to get behind the wheel. The action looks insane on screen.

Q. How certain is the fifth film?
Jordana Brewster: It’s not set in stone. I haven’t heard of a script yet and I haven’t been approached yet by the studio. But I have heard rumours and we have been talking about it. I did hear something about where it could possibly go, which is exciting.

Q. Europe?
Jordana Brewster: Yeah. That would be exciting.

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