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Finding Nemo - 10 Things You Didn't Know...

Finding Nemo

Compiled by Jack Foley

IN celebration of the spectacular new 3D release of Finding Nemo, one of the most loved movies of the Pixar generation, here are 10 fun facts about your favourite fish!

1) The scene where Dory and Marlin venture through the jellyfish colonies contains no less than 74,472 jellyfish! That includes Squishy, the baby one befriended by Dory.

2) There are also up to 200 turtles in the background of the turtle drive scene. I know. Totally awesome dude.

3) Speaking of turtles, the average life span for a normal sea turtle is actually 80-years-old, but we can’t say for sure how old the oldest get… Crush is “150 and still young!”

4) Darla was named after Pixar producer, Darla K. Anderson. What a legacy.

5) Deb’s “sister”, Flo, is a reference to “ebb and flow” like the tide. Though beats me how she never noticed that all the other fish also had, erm, “siblings”.

6) Gurgle, the purple and yellow germophobic fish of the tank gang, is the only one not mentioned by name in the film.

7) The names of the nine boats seen in the Sydney harbour are: Sea Monkey, Major Plot Point, Bow Movement, iBoat, Knottie Buoy, For the Birds, Pier Pressure, Skiff-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, and The Surly Mermaid. Which is your favourite name?

8) Pixar is known for planning its characters years in advance and subtly placing them in different films. Nemo first appears as a stuffed animal in Boo’s room in Monsters, Inc.

9) And Mike Wazowski makes a surprise appearance in Nemo’s closing credits. (On another note, was Adam’s title really “Fabulous Fish Guy”? Because I would like to apply for that job.)

10) One more Pixar tradition is the Pizza Planet truck’s brief cameo…

Finding Nemo 3D swims into cinemas on March 29, 2013.