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Flashbacks Of A Fool - Harry Eden and Felicity Jones interview

Flashbacks of a Fool

Interview by Rob Carnevale

HARRY Eden and Felicity Jones (pictured) talk about some of the experiences of appearing in Flashbacks Of A Fool, the debut feature from Baillie Walsh, co-starring Daniel Craig and Jodhi May.

Q. One of the scenes in the film finds you and Harry miming along to Roxy Music. How easy was it to research that period in order to recapture that feeling of the early 70s when things were a little more naive than they are today?
Felicity Jones: Well, fortunately I had Baillie [Walsh, writer and director] and he did most of the work for me [laughs]. It was just about listening to the music really. My character, especially, is obsessed with Roxy Music and David Bowie, so I spent a long time listening to them both, which wasn’t that much of a chore really. They happen to be quite good. We also had a choreographer, who was brilliant, and lots of sessions in Pinewood Studios in platforms and flares.

Q. According to one of your co-stars, you were much more relaxed about one of the adult sequences in the film that you have to perform than she was. How come?
Harry Eden: Well, my first day of shooting was actually the sex scene but had we waited until longer it might have been more awkward because I would have known her and probably wouldn’t have been able to do it without laughing. But after about six hours of doing it, it came like any other scene really.

Q. Is there a song, like the landmark Roxy Music song in the film, that’s a landmark song for you today?
Felicity Jones: The song that kind of summed up my youth is Alanis Morissette’s Ironic. That’s what I was dancing to with my friends. It almost doesn’t feel like a choice because it was there at the beginning.
(Harry Eden:( Not really. I like R’n‘B.

Q. What was it like being surrounded by so many talented actors?
Felicity Jones: In fact, when I’m filming all my scenes were with Harry so you kind of see it at the end and then go: “Wow, I’m in some really good company.” Having watched their work before, and obviously Jodhi [May] is absolutely incredible and I’ve seen her theatre work as well, so it’s really good to have people who are doing what you’d like to be doing. It’s always good to be surrounded by good people because they make you better. And that’s how I think I’ve learned in my acting work, is to working with good people.

Q. What was your take on the clothes of the period and did you ask to keep anything?
Harry Eden: I first got to the dressing room and saw a pair of high heels and said: “Aren’t they in the wrong room?” [Laughs]
Felicity Jones: I did it more easily having previously worn high heels whereas Harry might have dabbled occasionally [laughs].

Q. How did it feel to walk down the red carpet at the world premiere in London?
Harry Eden: I didn’t know what to expect, really, but I got out of the car and saw Felicity, which was nice, because I know her and it helped me a bit. I also didn’t have to answer every question! But I really enjoyed it and everyone was calling “Harry! Harry!” Hopefully, it will carry on.
Felicity Jones: Golly, I think the whole experience was absolutely petrifying… but in a great way.

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