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Fool's Gold - Kate Hudson interview

Kate Hudson in Fool's Gold

Interview by Rob Carnevale

KATE Hudson talks about appearing in Fool’s Gold, being reunited with Matthew McConaughey and balancing a film career with motherhood…

Q. What was it about Fool’s Gold that brought you back together with Matthew McConaughey?
Kate Hudson: Andy Tennant [the writer and director]. But for us, we’d been asked to do a couple of different things but they all felt the same as How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Actually, Matthew and Andy were doing this before I came on board, but when they came to me, it felt like the right opportunity with the script that Andy had written and the type of characters we got to do.

Q. How easy is it to act under the water?
Kate Hudson: That’s a good question because it’s actually really difficult because of air supply and the fear, or knowing where your safety was. But once we got down those emergency procedures, I feel like I could be an instructor now, because I know the emergency procedures like the back of my hand. So, once I got comfortable with all of that then I think it became easier to feel free to recognise the gold instead of just turning your head in the direction of it and then looking back for the air supply. But it kind of made for a great camaraderie on set. On Almost Famous, we had this thing called “rock school” where we all sat around and played music and listened to music. It’s very rare that you have to connect like that so intimately on films, unless there’s something you all need to do together. On this movie, we had the same type of thing, which was we had to dive, where you really trust the people that you’re working with. So, we had that same kind of connection.

Q. Your character is obsessive in the film. What obsessions do you have in your own life?
Kate Hudson: Obsession is such a naughty word – it’s a very intense word. I’m obsessed with music, always have been. I can’t lie. And I’m obviously obsessed with my child, my child’s life and the little things that he does. I’m actually obsessed with his words and the way he does these things. He has these actions or emotions, he wants to explain things and he’s real passionate about them but the words come out completely wrong and don’t make much sense. It’s like breaking that barrier of language, so I’m really obsessed with things like that.

Q. In your last film together you got to wear a lot of nice dresses, did you miss the glamour of that here?
Kate Hudson: Well, I’m the kind of person who, as much as I like clothes in real life because it’s a fun expression of who you are and everybody kind of enjoys wearing things that make them…well, in movies you’re wearing things that aren’t necessarily the things you would choose to put on or wear. For some reason in movies I’m always in pencil skirts or tight jeans, and it drives me crazy. So I always like those scenes where you wake up and you’re sad. Or you’re in sweat pants. Those are my favourite days, when you don’t have a lot of make up, because I get fidgety. So, this kind of movie is right for me, it’s where I like to be. I hardly wore any make-up and my hair was sort of like…………I remember looking at Kathy Blondell, who did my hair, and she had a curling iron in her hand. She would just go [shakes head] and say: “Just go, I don’t know what to do with this!” So we’d just go and I loved it.

Q. How did you enjoy working with Ray Winstone?
Kate Hudson: I had the best time with him… he’s just awesome. I have the best picture ever of him picking me up on a boat as if he’s going to throw me off into the water. I’m laughing so hard, and he’s got this look on his face, he’s just an original. He’s a fun, original man.

Q. Is it hard to balance career and motherhood?
Kate Hudson: Yes, I think for all the women that I know who are working parents it’s difficult to balance your work-life and your home-life. You make obvious sacrifices because you really just want to be with your family. For me, I just maintain my priority, which is making sure where I work and when I’m working and when Chris is working, all the logistics of what it is. But I don’t think it’s ever easy for working Moms especially, because we’re nurturers. All we want to do is be a mother. I love my job, and I obviously grew up with a very, very busy mother [Goldie Hawn].

But there was not a second in my life where I felt like my Mom wasn’t totally present as a parent, ever. And it was the same with my Pa [Kurt Russell]. So I think that I’ve learned from that, big time. People always ask about that… “Did your parents ever give you any advice for the industry?” And it’s like: “No!” But when it came time to being a parent and working in this industry, it’s definitely where I’ve learned a lot from my Mom and my Dad.

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