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Gael Garcia Bernal and Mia Maestro for Evita


Story by Jack Foley

GAEL Garcia Bernal and Mia Maestro will head the cast of Pablo Aguero’s Evita.

The historical drama will reportedly focus on the aftermath of First Lady Eva Peron’s death.

According to Variety, Maestro will play Peron, while Bernal has been cast as naval officer Emilio Eduardo Massera, a key figure in the Argentinian junta responsible for overseeing the deaths and disappearances in the ’70s and ’80s.

The story centres around the fate of Peron’s embalmed corpse, which went unburied for 25 years while her nation suffered through the dark years of the regime.

Argentine director Aguero commented: “In this film, I want to show what Evita generated, a massive revolt against the injustices of capitalism, followed by a repression that was disproportionate, brutal and yet unsuccessful in shutting her voice forever.”

Bernal was most recently seen in another acclaimed political drama, No, while Maestro played Carmen in the Twilight Saga and also featured in Savages, Frida and Secuestro Express.

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