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Gareth Edwards unveils Godzilla footage at Comic-Con

Gareth Edwards directs Monsters

Story by Jack Foley

EXCLUSIVE first-look footage of Godzilla has been unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con by Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures and director Gareth Edwards.

The show-reel was one of several weekend surprises from the major studios and showed what Entertainment Weekly described as “a shockingly polished teaser trailer”.

This included footage of “a devastated urban landscape, with people standing on skyscrapers snapped in half”, flattened people and “a giant hole burned through a very tall building”.

The camera then panned over the body of a giant monster with fires burning around it, teasing viewers into thinking this was a shot of Godzilla. But then it appeared to be something slain by Godzilla.

Once the camera cut to black, fans were left with the famous Godzilla scream and then the moment they’d been hoping for… a shot of the creature itself, which looked suitably terrifying according to EW’s excited reporter.

Edwards, the British director who shot to prominence with his acclaimed but little-seen monster flick Monsters, then took to the stage to offer some more teasers about what to expect, including the fact that he intended to take the reboot seriously.

“If this really happened, what would it be like? It’s very grounded [and] realistic,” he said, before adding: ““I wanted to see this movie this way all my life.”

The director then spoke briefly of the size of the challenge he had set himself, saying: “I’ve never worked this hard and this long that lasted this few seconds since I lost my virginity.”

Godzilla is due for a summer release sometime in 2013.

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