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Ghost Rider - Eva Mendes interview

Eva Mendes in Ghost Rider

Interview by Rob Carnevale

EVA Mendes talks about appearing in Ghost Rider, superhero envy and the fun of working in Australia.

How was the experience of taking the movie to the heartland of its fan base at Comic-Con?
Eva Mendes: It’s a freaky experience, but I’m kind of freaky myself so I actually had a lot of fun. I love it when people are really passionate about stuff. I got a kick out of seeing everybody dressed up and seeing the hardcore fans. You’re talking to a girl who wishes Halloween was every weekend, so I have an excuse to get dressed up and I had a fantastic time. There was a lot of excitement there about the movie, so it was a really good experience.

Given the motorbiking theme in the film was it fun to be working with Peter Fonda?
Eva Mendes: He loves hearing about stuff like what Easy Rider did for American cinema. We were on set one day, hanging out, and I said: “I’m so sorry Peter, I never saw the film, it’s one of those things I never got to.” He said we had to do something about that, so we got about 10 people together and went to Mark’s apartment and he played the film for me. Not only did he do that, but he had the remote and he would pause in certain scenes.

It was fantastic having Peter Fonda narrating for me. He told us things from when they were filming, and I got the biggest kick out of that. He’s so gracious, so willing to tell you and share. He was awesome. I got the biggest kick out of that.

Were you envious that you didn’t have more stunts to do yourself, or was running in heels enough?
Eva Mendes: Running in heels was fun but yes, I had major superhero envy. I’d ask: “Why can’t I be on fire?”
Nicolas Cage: I’ve got news for you, you are!

It sounds like a pretty macho set, did you find it difficult to fit in by going tomboy or stick to girly girl?
Eva Mendes: I’m kind of a mixture of tomboy and girly girl. These guys are so amazing, they’re the ideal people to work with, so that wasn’t even an issue, it was great. What was really fun for me was seeing them be so excited and acting like 12-year-olds. I got a joy out of that because they were so into it. I wasn’t familiar with the comic book work at all, they educated me a bit. Again, just being a part of the boys’ club was fun, you get little special treatment, there were no complaints here. And they’re pretty easy on the eye too! I was fine.

Australia is also kind of a macho culture. How did you find the experience of shooting there?
Eva Mendes: Awesome. I love beer, so I was fine [laughs].

Any particularly fond memories of the nightlife or culture?
Eva Mendes: I ate kangaroo tale. I took a few days and went to the Outback and I met these beautiful Aboriginal women and had a womens’ day there. They invited me and asked if I could pick them up some beer and some kangaroo tale. Funnily enough, you can get both at the gas station! It was fantastic.

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