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GI Joe: Retaliation - Adrianne Palicki and DJ Cotrona interview

GI Joe: Retaliation

Interview by Rob Carnevale

ADRIANNE Palicki and DJ Cotrona talk about some of the pleasures and challenges of making GI Joe: Retaliation, including working alongside Bruce Willis and other favourite moments. They were speaking at a UK press conference…

Q. As newcomers to the franchise were you given a franchise starter pack?
DJ Cotrona: Luckily, I had my own from when I was nine that I keep with me. Just in life [laughs]…

Q. What was your favourite moment in playing your character?
DJ Cotrona: For myself, to get to come to work with people like Dwayne Johnson, who I’ve looked up to for a very long time. Bruce Willis is also on the set. And Adrianne is also there. It was very humbling for me personally because this was the first large movie I’ve ever been a part of. So, I just kind of tried to enjoy every moment and turn into a sponge so that I could learn a lot.

Adrianne Palicki: There’s so many moments…. getting to run around with guns and pretend you’re a kid for four months straight, which was so fun. I think my favourite moments weren’t so much on-set, but the off moments and just hanging around with this cast and crew and the director. We really bonded as a family and became friends.

Q. If a third film happens where would you like to see your character go?
Adrianne Palicki: Well, I loved playing Lady Jaye, so I hope the third film would continue down her path. We touched on it a little bit in this movie but Lady Jaye and Flint are kind of the two that stuck it out and are getting married and have their own thing, so it would be nice to flesh that out a little bit more.

DJ Cotrona: Yes, it would! I’d be into that.

Q. Was the Brenda thing in the script?
Adrianne Palicki: Oh no, that was all Bruce [laughs]!

Q. Did he ever explain where that came from?
Adrianne Palicki: He definitely has a thing with calling certain people Brenda. I’ll never forget the first time he did it I even had an actual reaction to it, just as myself. So, we definitely put that into the character because it worked perfectly.

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