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Goal! 2: Living The Dream - Kuno Becker interview

Kuno Becker in  Goal! 2: Live The Dream...

Interview by Rob Carnevale

KUNO Becker talks about reprising his role as footballer Santiago Munez in Goal! 2: Living The Dream… and why he believes the sequel offers viewers something unique…

Q. You had to do a football boot camp before the first Goal!, so was it any easier to do those skills for the sequel?
Kuno Becker: It was even more difficult. For me, it’s been very, very difficult because I really didn’t play much football in the beginning and I don’t play much now. I did improve but it’s a little bit crazy to get to a professional level in months. I played in school when I was a kid.

But I did train for a couple of months before I started the first film and had many injuries, which was pretty tough. For the second one, I trained again with Andy Ansah and I was lucky to have him. Without him, I honestly wouldn’t have made it. But the toughest part for me was the physical aspect of it.

Q. You presumably got a lot of tips from the players while you were filming. Did any of them ask you for any tips on acting?
Kuno Becker: Well, first of all I’m not an acting coach and I wouldn’t be the right person to say anything about that. I’d say enjoy the ride and be relaxed. But they seemed to be pretty used to the cameras, which was great. I think what’s wonderful about having them in the film is that it enhances this mix between reality and fiction. It’ll give the audience this sense of realism that’s never been done before.

Q. You have a good friend that’s a Real Madrid fan. Is he fully supportive or deeply envious?
Kuno Becker: Deeply envious. I have a couple of friends who are really, really passionate football fans and it’s really amazing to know that we’re so privileged to be doing this. Having all these amazing players in the film, shooting the film in real stadiums with real players and having this mix of players and characters for the first time in a film is really making a little bit of history I think. Just to feel that energy, of walking onto that pitch and hearing 80,000 people cheering at you makes you understand why they change and makes you understand them [the players].

Q. I understand you were a musician before becoming an actor and that you don’t have a sporting background but are you not playing a boxer yet?
Kuno Becker: Yes [laughs]. Why can’t I play an attorney or a rock star? I just finished a movie in Texas about a Latino boxer.

Q. Was boxing any easier than playing football?
Kuno Becker: It was because I did a little bit of kick boxing too. Soccer was just hard for me because of the injury that I had in the beginning, when I broke my ankles. I couldn’t walk for about a month and a half, so that was the toughest part. But at the end of the day, it’s the challenge of becoming someone else that interests me. It’s what I want to do.

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