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Gravity returns to UK's IMAX cinemas


Story by Jack Foley

GRAVITY An IMAX 3D Experience today (Friday, January 10, 2014) returns to IMAX cinemas across the UK thanks to overwhelming demand from cinemagoers.

Alfonso Cuarón’s spectacular sci-fi thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney is considered by critics and the public alike as one of the best films of 2013.

Since opening in October 2013, the film has become the highest-grossing IMAX release of 2013 in the UK and worldwide and is so far the seventh biggest IMAX release of all time in the UK.

Gravity is also dominating awards season, most recently leading the 2014 BAFTA nominations this week where it secured 11 nominations, including Best Film and Outstanding British Film, with Director and Leading Actress nominations for Cuarón and Sandra Bullock.

It is also nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, taking place this Sunday.

Greg Foster, CEO of IMAX Entertainment and Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. said: “We couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming success of Gravity and the continued demand we’re seeing from UK cinemagoers to bring it back in IMAX.

“Word of mouth around this film has been tremendous, with fans and critics across the globe demanding that Gravity must be experienced in the most immersive way possible.

“Hats off to our partners Alfonso Cuarón, David Heyman and Warner Bros. for delivering this breath-taking and relentless journey that is truly worthy of the big screen. Gravity has surely cemented its place in cinema history and we’re thrilled to provide fans the opportunity to see it again, or to offer anyone who missed it another chance to see what all the fuss is about.”