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Hallam Foe - Preview

Hallam Foe

Preview by Jack Foley

HALLAM (Jamie Bell) lives with his father and stepmother in a lavish but lonely country pile. His projects include spying on the neighbours in flagrante, and trying to implicate his stepmother in his mother’s mysterious death.

Once caught and enticed into an uncomfortable situation, Hallam is forced to flee to a new life in Edinburgh – but this only brings new confusion in the sultry form of Kate (Sophia Myles). Kate is a woman who reminds Hallam of his mother – so matters become even more complicated when he begins to develop sexual feelings for her.

In the hands of a lesser director Hallam Foe could be a difficult to watch, even exploitative movie. But as things stand, David Mackenzie’s film is another standout British production in a year that has already delivered the likes of Notes On A Scandal, Hot Fuzz, Becoming Jane, Sunshine, This Is England and 28 Weeks Later.

Mackenzie remains best known for films Young Adam and Asylum but here steps up a gear with this bittersweet tale which also features a stunning performance from Jamie Bell (in his first English production since Billy Elliot).

It’s the opening film of this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival and opens in UK cinemas on August 31 and it’s very definitely one to keep an eye on – whether its the striking David Shrigley titles to the Domino Records supplied soundtrack (featuring a new Franz Ferdinand recording and work from the likes of PSAPP).

Commenting on his desires for the film, Mackenzie says: “I wanted this film to be an enchanted story about the joys and pains of the journey into adulthood. Hallam is a damaged, confused and highly individualistic character, so his journey is far from conventional, but I hope his experiences have a resonance with all of us who know what being a teenager is like.

“I feel very close to Hallam. I recognise his troubled spirit and eccentric ways of dealing with things. And I hope the audience can connect with him in the same way.”

Keep checking back with IndieLondon as the release of Hallam Foe approaches – we’ll have copies of the brilliant soundtrack to give away and exclusive interviews with David Mackenzie and star Jamie Bell. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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