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Hannah Montana: The Movie - Miley Cyrus interview

Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana: The Movie. © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Interview by Rob Carnevale

MILEY Cyrus talks about making the leap from small screen to big with Hannah Montana: The Movie, why her father – Bill Ray – is such an inspiration, moving on from the Hannah Montana character and why she hates gossip sites…

Q. How different was shooting Hannah Montana: The Movie as opposed to shooting the TV series?
Miley Cyrus: First of all, it’s a lot different to being on a sound stage because on our show… obviously we’re not on a beach but a beach-looking sound stage. That’s what the difference is. Instead of being in a place that looks like Nashville, we’re there. Some [people] were worried that it would be more expensive to shoot but we wanted everything to look the way it was. There is nothing in this film that I would say is fake. Everything is genuine and real. In fact, that’s the great thing about the movie, everything was so realistic. We really were in my home-town.

Q. Do you think Hannah Montana has grown as a character in the film? And, in turn, have you yourself grown as an actress as a result?
Miley Cyrus: That’s what I want to continue to do. I want to make more movies and introduce myself to theatre and to the cinema because this character is so much like myself that I feel I’m introducing myself to more people even though I am in a movie.

Q. Did you get to keep any of Hannah Montana’s wardrobe from the film?
Miley Cyrus: I’m not girly enough to wear any of those clothes for real. It was Peter’s (Chelsom, director) idea to make her less cartoony in this because that’s what we are for the show.

Q. Are you approaching the time when you’re thinking of giving up the Hannah Montana role? Was there an aspect of art imitating life with the direction the film takes?
Miley Cyrus: I have been able to do both but as I have said many times before it doesn’t make sense past a certain point. That’s kind of what we did in the movie. It felt like a smart way of giving a reveal without saying too much and making our show impossible but also bringing in the reality of the movie. So, that was very important. I’ve been on the Top 40 as Miley in the States and now I feel it’s time the world sees me like that as well. I know I won’t be Hannah forever and I think this upcoming film will prove that’s what I want to do.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration for the songs you write?
Miley Cyrus: Just from the different things that happen in my life and different situations and stories that I hear about. Mostly. Not all my songs are love songs. I have a song about the environment and different types of things, things that are important to me. If I was my audience, if I was listening, I would want to think about what I want to hear and what I needed to here.

Q. Did you always want to be famous and how much inspiration was your dad, Billy Ray?
Miley Cyrus: I don’t think famous is what I necessarily went for. The media was never something I really looked into and now especially I see it happening to me I think I was very smart when I was younger to not want that. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, I just avoided it as much as possible. My dad has been inspiring to me because he got told “no” so many times when he was trying and first became a musician. I watched him and it was hard. To see someone who’s successful and wasn’t told “yes” right away was inspiring to me.

Q. What would you like to do if you weren’t famous?
Miley Cyrus: If I was going to be anything else, I love travelling so I’d like to travel and study photography and at some point be a director, find different locations I like and shoot on different locations.

Q. How do you keep your feet on the ground and maintain a normal life having grown up in front of the cameras?
Miley Cyrus: By surrounding myself with good people and keeping everything in perspective. Like I say in the movie, life is a climb and it’s a struggle getting to the top but the drop to the bottom can be quick and so I think you have to embrace every moment of the day. I just do that and keep everything in perspective. It’s been kind of weird growing up in front of everyone but it’s important that although you are going to be living in front of lots of other people, you have to remember reality and that you are still a normal kid.

Q. What’s the best thing about being famous?
Miley Cyrus: The best thing I think is that I’m young but I have got to experience a lot and I love to travel and meet so many interesting people and I’m also still in school, so instead of hearing about all these places like Rome and Madrid and the UK I get to go there. I think that’s pretty cool.

Q. Do you want to move away from comedy eventually?
Miley Cyrus: There’s a movie I’m doing this summer, with Nicholas Budge, called The Last Song and it’s a drama. It’s pretty intense I would say. I don’t want to say too much about it.

Q. If you had one wish from a fairy godmother what would it be?
Miley Cyrus: Maybe I would wish for gossip sites to go away. I think they are so hard not only on the people who are on there but the kids as well. I’m normal and if I was any smaller I’d be too skinny and if I was any bigger I’d be too fat. There’s never perfect. If they see that, me on the red carpet and think that’s how you’re supposed to look like… I think all of it is people mixed up, not only the celebrity but also the kids as well reading it. It’s all kind of trash.

Q. If you could travel back in time, which period would you go to?
Miley Cyrus: The Eighties, so I could tease my hair, wear leggings and listen to rock and roll.

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