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Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Warwick Davis and Helen McCrory interview

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Interview by Rob Carnevale

WARWICK Davis, who plays the dual roles of Griphook and Professor Flitwick, and Helen McCrory, aka Narcissa Malfoy, discuss some of their memories of filming Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2. They were speaking at the London press conference for the final film.

Q. Warwick, what was it like getting to play two roles: Griphook and Professor Flitwick?
Warwick Davis: Well fortunately we didn’t have to do it within the same day, otherwise that might have been tricky as both roles required an extensive amount of prosthetic make-up. But it was a pleasure. I mean I almost felt a bit greedy in a way, taking the two parts. But Flitwick was one I’d established over the course of all the films, but then to be asked to fill the role of Griphook was amazing. It was such a terrific experience working closely with David [Yates] and bringing the character to screen and really giving him some depth.

Hopefully, that comes across in the film because he certainly was a lot of fun to play. I mean, playing a slightly villainous character is always the one that you want as an actor, certainly, and fingers crossed people won’t spot that it is indeed the same person under both guises. But as one character dies in the film, you’re there as the next [laughs], so that was quite handy for me because it meant I was there until the bitter end in one form or another.

Q. And what’s been your favourite line?
Warwick Davis: For me it was probably one of the first lines that I uttered in the whole series of films, way back in number one, as Professor Flitwick: “Quinguardian gladiosa. It’s the line everyone wants me to do when I meet them. I often do charms classes for groups of fans.

Q. And Helen?
Helen McCrory: I think my favourite line which I got to say is the moment she stands up in the Forbidden Forest and says “Dead”.

Q. You also have some fond memories of walking around the set, don’t you Helen?
Helen McCrory: Yes, if you went upstairs in those quiet moments of filming they used to have this huge office of the art department and the art department had designed these tiny little models of all the set and you could walk through this room and the detail on them was incredible. You could actually lean down and look through windows and see down staircases and through corridors and they had the most extraordinary world up there. They were the most beautiful objects that I came across on Harry Potter.

Q. And Warwick, what was your favourite prop?
Warwick Davis: I’m probably going to say what the majority of people are going to say but definitely having the wand really. It’s something that became very special because you were only ever given it just before getting to do a scene and then they were taken swiftly off you straight away so they didn’t end up on eBay. So, it felt very special when you had it. Also the costumes as well… the immense amount of detail that goes into these costumes that the movie going audience never really gets to appreciate fully. But when you’re wearing the costume you feel like your character and they feel lived in, these clothes, and they very much inform you of that character. They do have a wand pocket inside every costume, so you always had somewhere to store the wand.

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