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Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince - Bonnie Wright interview

Bonnie Wright in Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

Interview by Rob Carnevale

BONNIE Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley, in the Harry Potter movies, talks to us about her larger, more complex role in The Half-Blood Prince, why the success of the books and films have paved the way for other franchises, and how she feels about the forthcoming end of the movie series…

Q. Are we right to regard this instalment in the series as a pivotal one?
Bonnie Wright: The same interweaving obviously for my character offers refuge and escape from everything that Harry’s experiencing. It adds the romance [and there are] a lot of other relationships that are happening, and again the hormones. People are really discovering themselves and being a lot more individual, I think.

Q. How aware were you at the age of nine that Ginny would become such an integral character? And how thrilled were you when you read the seventh book?
Bonnie Wright: Obviously, when I started the character is a year below Harry and Ron and Hermione, so she hadn’t yet joined Hogwarts. As the character grew she grew into herself, she was the shy younger sister who ran away at the sight of Harry, so I think she’s definitely grown into herself. It’s been lovely, she’s really developed much more slowly than the other characters. David Yates and I started in the last film to really make her a lot more confident and outgoing, sort of almost grow past her brothers even though she’s the youngest. It’s definitely been an exciting experience to develop her in this film.

Q. Do you think the success of Harry Potter paved the way for the likes of future franchises, such as Twilight?
Bonnie Wright: I think Harry Potter inspired so many children to read books and to go to films, and to really continue on. It went through their childhood. I think it’s definitely paved the way for other films to now go on and take a book and make it into something visual and inspire more children to read.

Q. Can you comment on the tragic death of former co-star Rob Knox and what kind of affect that had on everyone when it was reported?
Bonnie Wright: Obviously, there was a lot of new people that joined the film, as with every film that we’ve been on, so I think he warmed to a lot of people who were working on the film. It’s obviously going to be a very traumatic experience for his family, who were very supportive of him, going to the see the film [at the premiere], to see him in it. As a mark of respect, for all the families who also have experience of that traumatic crime, we wanted to wear a white ribbon around our wrists. There are obviously a great many different things and charities raising awareness, I think we wanted to show our involvement in it.

Q. How does it feel now that the Harry Potter series is nearly at an end? What are you going to do next?
Bonnie Wright: I feel the same as Tom [Felton] and Dan [Radcliffe] have said, but also to watch other people as they go on to do each of their own things. For some people this is definitely the career that they want to continue in, but for others they have another passion they want to continue, so it will be lovely to see everyone. I wish the best to everyone who goes on in the different elements in their lives.

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