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Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince - Rupert Grint interview

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Interview by Rob Carnevale

RUPERT Grint talks to us about the latest Harry Potter movie, The Half-Blood Prince, coping with the girls’ attention and an on-screen kiss and surviving swine flu…

Q. What’s it like returning for this latest film, The Half-Blood Prince?
Rupert Grint: It’s always quite exciting when we start a new one. I really loved the book as well, there was a lot in it, so it was quite an exciting prospect.

Q. How does it feel looking back on the Harry Potter years? Do you feel you missed out in any way? And if the characters were to be revisited would you want to be involved?
Rupert Grint: We’ve great memories really, it’s weird looking back on the first few Harry Potter films because it just doesn’t really seem like us, it’s really weird. It was such an exciting time in my life, everything was new, I’d never been on a film set before and it was just an amazing time.

Q. So you don’t think you missed out on a normal childhood in any way?
Rupert Grint: Yeah, I missed out a lot of school and with that comes a lot of normality, but I don’t regret that to be honest. I never really enjoyed school that much so I was quite lucky.

Q. Do you have plans beyond these films?
Rupert Grint: I don’t know really, I’d like to continue acting if I can. Obviously, we’re filming Deathly Hallows at the moment and it’s all coming to an end now. I suppose we’ve got to start thinking about that kind of thing. Hopefully, there’ll be the other stuff out there. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Q. Have recent stories of your ill health been exaggerated?
Rupert Grint: Yeah, kind of. I did have swine flu, but it was just like any other flu that I’ve had before, a sore throat and I was just in bed for a while. It was quite scary when they first told me I had swine flu, because obviously what’s been in the press and stuff made me wonder if I was going to die or not! But it was obviously fine, it was just a bit of a sore throat.

Q. The characters’ hormones are raging in this story. How did you cope when you went through a similar period in your life and how does it feel to be fought over by these two girls?
Rupert Grint: It was quite fun actually, all that sort of side of the film was quite a new thing. It was really enjoyable actually. Obviously there was a kiss as well, it was probably the second time that me and Jess had met. It was a roomful of people, and it was a little bit embarrassing to start off with but it was good fun.

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