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Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix - Bonnie Wright interview

Bonnie Wright in Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix

Interview by Rob Carnevale

BONNIE Wright talks about her ever-expanding role as Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, plans for her career and the joy of working with such well-known British stars such as Helena Bonham Carter and Imelda Staunton…

Q. Your part has become a lot bigger. How satisfying is that for you?
Bonnie Wright: It’s definitely been more fun doing this film as Ginny’s character’s developed. The six of us go through to the Ministry of Magic and it was really interesting to be a part of. Ginny’s a bit more confident and outgoing – I have definitely enjoyed that.

Q. You’re also becoming more of the core group. What’s it been like to grow up on the films?
Bonnie Wright: I started when I was nine and I’m 16 now. It can be nine months at a time from the beginning of shooting to when it comes out and I think I enjoy it better now because we’ve grown up together and when we’re filming it’s a really relaxed atmosphere. Now we’re going to start the sixth film at the end of September.

Q. Do you feel you’ve missed anything about your childhood?
Bonnie Wright: I haven’t missed any of my education and luckily because I live in London, I’ve not had to move away from my home or my friends and that has really helped. I think it would be quite difficult if I were filming in a different part of England. The other people, I definitely admire them for being away from home for so long. But I don’t think I’ve missed anything I’ll really regret because I have been able to keep in touch with all my friends. Luckily, when I go back to school, everyone’s easy with me coming back. I think it can be quite difficult.

Q. How do you find getting the personal tutorage? Does it help when it comes to exams?
Bonnie Wright: I think it has been beneficial in some subjects. When you’re at school, there are some subjects you need a lot of discussion in, like maybe you’re reading a book and you all discuss it. So I think you miss that sometimes. But I think in some subjects when it’s one to one, you can learn so much in an hour and you’re completely focused. There are no distractions and you have to concentrate.

Q. What’s your opinion of your own character? Do you like playing Ginny?
Bonnie Wright: Yeah, I have definitely enjoyed playing her. In the first few books, she was the little sister of the Weasley family, but in the fifth and sixth book she comes through on her own and that made me definitely really like her.

Q. Does it help to play a Weasley and having Julie Walters as your mum?
Bonnie Wright: Yeah, she’s really kind of open and friendly towards all of us – she likes to have that family ring around us all. She’s bubbly on set.

Q. Obviously, you’ve got Imelda Staunton and Helena Bonham Carter coming into this one. Was it lovely to have the experience of watching them work?
Bonnie Wright: Definitely. I think we’re really privileged to have so many really strong British actors that are interested in doing it. They’re all very different in their methods. Sometimes you can be completely wrapped up in what they’re doing in a scene.

Q. Is it the best education you can get for a young actress?
Bonnie Wright: I think it’s such an experience to watch it all happening because it’s such a big film, and it’s the top level of intensity and everyone’s the best in their field. It’s amazing to learn from them. When you’re on set, I find it interesting to talk to different people, the camera department, “oh what’s that?”, or what does that do? They’re all really open about talking to you.

Q. Would you like to do more film work?
Bonnie Wright: Yeah definitely. I’m interested in doing more things because I think it’d be interesting to get a new challenge. But I’ve got my exams coming up and it’s quite hard to fit everything in.

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