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Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix - Emma Watson interview

Emma Watson in Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

Interview by Rob Carnevale

EMMA Watson talks about reprising her role as Hermione in Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix and working with incoming director David Yates…

Q. What do you think David Yates brought to this film as director?
Emma Watson: The thing about David that I feel is that this is the most genuine of all the films. This is the one that has a real sense of realism to it. The word that I connect the most with David Yates is truth. He always wants to find truth in all the characters and in each single performance. He had high standards but I think Dan, Rupert and I really relished that as it stopped us getting complacent fifth time round. I think we all really learned something from him. It was really nice.

Q. After Harry’s first kiss, you’re seen talking to Rupert’s character about what mixed feelings Katie’s character [Cho Chang] has. Of course he doesn’t understand. Is this something you feel yourself that boys don’t have a clue how girls feel?
Emma Watson: I absolutely love that scene. It’s probably my favourite scene in the whole thing just because I think it reflects quite a genuine relationship that Rupert, Dan and I have in real life. I think it is funny. I can’t put it totally on guys. I mean, sometimes I feel: “What on earth is this guy thinking?” I think members of both sexes are quite bemused by what’s going on. I think it’s very true to life. I’ve got a lot of brothers and am friends with a lot of guys and you do just think: “How can you not get this? How can you not understand what she must be feeling?” It really, really makes me laugh that scene. It plays brilliantly on the differences between guys and girls.

Q. What would you like to see happen to Hermione?
Emma Watson: I don’t know, there’s this theory that she’s going to die… but I really didn’t have that in my plans for what she would achieve [laughs]. I really want to see her putting her intellect and her just naturally very caring nature to some very worthy cause. So I kind of want to see her in another country protesting for the rights of house elves or continuing with S.P.E.W. – or just generally making the world a better place. Hopefully, she’ll be married to Ron and have lots of beautiful babies. That’s the plan anyway.

Q. What’s the strangest bit of merchandise you’ve seen of yourself or the guys?
Emma Watson: I was in Waitrose the other day and along one of the shelves was something like Hermione’s Magic Muffins [laughs]. There was actually a recipe with my head on one of those sticky things you put on top of a cupcake. I was like: “That’s a new one!” Brilliant. I mean, honestly, every time round there’s something new.

Q. When the seventh book comes out, will you just go straight to the back of the book or will you read it the whole way through?
Emma Watson: It’s really hard. I can say now, I’ll read it page to page and be really good and everything but it’s hard to say.

Q. What kind of expectation do you have for adulthood, because you’re going to be 20 soon…
Emma Watson: I’m learning to drive at the moment and I just can’t wait for the feeling where you can just get in a car and go anywhere you want – just the freedom of that. I can’t wait to go to uni or go and travel and just live on my own, have that first experience: cooking disasters I’m sure and not being able to do my own washing and everything. Yeah, I can’t wait!

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