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Headhunters stars attend Jameson Cult Film Club special preview

Headhunters, Jameson Cult Film Club screening

Story by Jack Foley

FILM fans in London were treated to a Jameson Cult Film Club first last night (March 21, 2012)… a ‘Future Cult’ preview screening of Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters at London’s Saatchi Gallery.

The Jameson ‘Future Cult’ event showcases a film that could become a cult film in the future, and with over 600 fans turning up for the screening it certainly seemed to be a popular choice.

Principle cast members Aksel Hennie (Roger) and Synnove Lund (Diana) as well as producer Marianne Gray were also in attendance, answering questions from the audience.

The film – an adaptation of Nesbo’s best-selling novel – is a stylish, pacey, gruesome and often darkly hilarious film, well-worthy of ‘Future Cult’ status.

It tells the story of the charismatic Roger Brown (Hennie); a successful corporate headhunter by day and prolific art thief by night. While he maintains the image of his seemingly perfect life to his colleagues and beautiful wife, Diana (Lund) Roger’s life gets turned upside down when he is lured into a dangerous game of cat and mouse after he attempts the biggest heist of his life.

With the luxurious and opulent art world featuring throughout the film, London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery provided the perfect setting for the film’s story and style, with the pristine interiors of the white space providing a fantastic contrast to the rustic Nordic setting of the film.

Jameson Cult Film Club treated guests to a very special evening as the world of film and art merged together, with subtle references to the crazy world of Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters immersing the audience in the themes of the film at every turn, accompanied by a few delicious Jameson cocktails throughout the night.

Aksel Hennie commented: “Headhunters is a thrill-ride of a film and fantastic fun to watch. We were excited when Jameson Cult Film Club approached us to screen the film and bring it to life through this amazing, theatrical event; we’re also delighted that the screening has given us the chance to showcase the film in the UK.

“I’ve really enjoyed myself this evening and the venue looked incredible – I don’t think there’s a better place we could have chosen for film fans to experience Headhunters.”

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Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters will be on general release from April 6, 2012.

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