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Horrible Bosses - Jennifer Aniston interview

Horrible Bosses

Interview by Rob Carnevale

JENNIFER Aniston talks about the appeal of playing a sex obsessed, potty mouthed dentist in Horrible Bosses and why the image change was huge fun for her.

She also talks about taking a break from movies, coping with the critics and getting her hand prints on Hollywood Boulevard. She was speaking at a London press conference for the film…

Q. Did you have someone in mind when it came to playing this character? Did someone inspire you?
Jennifer Aniston: Oh Kevin Spacey… No, I have never come across anyone like her. So, it was pretty much just kind of going into my own dark imagination and seeing what I could come up with.

Q. You’ve well and truly turned its image on its head with this film, but were you ever worried about going too far with the dialogue and sexiness of the part?
Jennifer Aniston: Did I worry about that? No! Not at all and that was the fun of it… how far it went. And it really went for it… the whole entire movie really went for it. It didn’t do ‘sort of Horrible Bosses’! They were really horrible.

Q. Which were the most embarrassing scenes for you to shoot?
Jennifer Aniston: It was embarrassing for me to have to basically meet Charlie [Day] and after one day have to straddle him. I was embarrassed for myself. I hope he forgives me!

Q. But I imagine that although you always look fabulous this isn’t a role you can have vanity about taking on?
Jennifer Aniston: It’s very vulgar and it’s very crude and so you can’t. But that’s sort of what’s fantastic about being able to do something like that – it’s so outrageous and it’s limitless. So, you just get to have complete abandon and no worry if you’re being completely inappropriate. And I loved that.

Q. Did you ever have to ask Seth if you were going too far?
Jennifer Aniston: No, if anything he would say: “Further!”

Q. Did you decide to go to the gym a little more for a role like this, though?
Jennifer Aniston: I actually try to keep fit regularly. I think if you keep in good health and good shape then those scenes don’t terrify you as much. It’s better to consistently stay in good shape so you don’t have to go crazy.

Q. You’re quite often seen as a real girl’s girl and women love you. What do you think it is about you that women identify with?
Jennifer Aniston: [Sighs, smiles and collapses her head onto the microphone] I don’t know how to answer that question!

Horrible Bosses

Q. Say good shoes…
Jennifer Aniston: They like my shoes and they like my hand-me-downs! No, I don’t know. I really don’t know how to answer that question. I love girls! There you go… I just love them.

Jason Bateman intercuts: There’s your headline everybody!
Jennifer Aniston: Yep, I said it! I love the girls [laughs]!

Q. How do you look back on your days as the sweet Rachel in Friends? And have any of your fans expressed any dismay at how you’ve changed you image with this? Do they still comment on Friends?
Jennifer Aniston: Fondly… I look back at her fondly. She was a lot of fun. As for fans, I get people still referring to me as Rachel. But nobody is upset about this.

Q. After feminism and emancipation, don’t you think every woman has the right to seduce a man?
Jennifer Aniston: [Looks shocked] Absolutely! Yeah! And I think it’s nice that we finally see that. We haven’t seen that very often in film, so it’s nice and I agree.

Q. Would you like to do some theatre? Has Kevin asked you to come to The Old Vic perhaps?
Jennifer Aniston: Oh yes, I have and I would love to. I did the 24-Hour Plays. I started at bad theatre in New York, I did public theatre and things that aren’t remembered! But yeah, I love the theatre and I would love to go back to it if the right thing presented itself.

Q. What was the most horrible thing you’d like to do to somebody?
Jennifer Aniston: I don’t think that way to be honest. I honestly can’t think of anything that horrible I’d want to do to somebody.

Q. I understand you’re going to take a break from acting, so what are you planning to do?
Jennifer Aniston: Yes. But why am I going to tell you? I’m just going to take a break and not know what I’m going to do, which is the fun part. Travel… live a little!

Q. Do you care about what critics say about your performances in films?
Jennifer Aniston: Well, they’re so inconsistent and today critics seem to be… it really feels like it’s personal digs as opposed to constructive critiques of performances.

Q. You’ve just had your hand prints on the Hollywood Boulevard. What does that mean to you?
Jennifer Aniston: It was an unbelievable honour. It was amazing and surreal.