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I Want Candy - Tom Riley interview

Tom Riley in in I Want Candy

Interview by Rob Carnevale

TOM Riley talks about appearing with Carmen Electra in British comedy I Want Candy as well as the prospect of smearing butter on himself…

Q. How did you go about building your chemistry with co-star Tom Burke [who plays Baggy]?
A. It kind of mirrored our relationship in real life. We were paired when the casting process took place. They saw a lot of people and got us into groups of two and see who worked the best together. Tom came in towards the end of the casting process and there was just a completely different vibe in the room. We just completely threw the script out the window and started making stuff up and they seemed to like it. So, because of that we just became very close friends on set and off.

Q. What was it like counting down to the days that Carmen was due on set?
A. Every day was like: “Five days to Carmen day!” [laughs]. It was just great to hear that Carmen had agreed to get involved because when you’re doing a movie that seems to be so British and yet is trying to mix it with an American teen style comedy then the perfect person to play that part is Carmen. So we were very lucky when she came along.

Q. Where did you get the inspiration for a fast-talking, out of his depth movie producer?
A. The out of his depth thing came entirely from me! It’s funny because it was all on the page, which makes it so much easier. You then don’t have to say: “Well, I don’t really feel like this in real life, so it’s not going to come off.”

Q. Did you need much persuading to grease up with butter?
A. Yeah! It was there from day one so it was always one of those things – there was a countdown to Carmen day and a countdown to buttering chest day. It was one of those things where I thought… you know when you’re on the top diving board? You’ve just got to jump off this and do it. Pretend that it’s not there!

Q. What are you doing next?
A: There’s a thriller coming out in a month or two’s time called A Few Days In September with Juliette Binoche and John Turturro. I play Nick Nolte’s son. It’s a very, very different kettle of fish to this! It’s a 9/11 conspiracy thriller set in Venice and Paris. It’s a world away from this.

Q. Is it too early to say whether this has opened any doors for you?
A: Yes, it is! I can only hope so.

Q. I love the charming way that Candy Fiveways got her name. What’s your porn name?
A. This is completely true. The way we got to it was to take the name of your first pet and then the name of the road you grew up on. For me it’s Biscuit Cripple!

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