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Iron Man 3 - Moments Worth Paying For Trailer

Iron Man 3

On Friday, March 29, the Industry Trust for IP Awareness and Walt Disney Studios UK launched a unique Iron Man 3 trailer, featuring Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow that celebrates the value of original film, TV and video content.

In the next instalment of the Iron Man series, Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as billionaire playboy Tony Stark who is pitted against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. Iron Man 3, releasing in cinemas on April 25, is set to be even more thrilling than ever!

Film search engine, which lists film availability in all formats, has recruited Iron Man 3 to support in their ongoing ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ campaign. The campaign aims to inspire support for the UK film, TV and video industries by celebrating unmissable movie moments and the positive emotional effect these have on the viewer.

With Iron Man 3 boasting over 2,000 spectacular visual effects and jaw-dropping stunt sequences, the new trailer brings to life the technical brilliance that goes into creating a movie experience worth paying for.

Dramatic clips of the original ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ trailer are fused with high-octane excerpts from Iron Man 3, to further remind audiences of the value of the film experience.

The 35-second trailer will be shown in cinemas nationwide over a 4 week period from March 29. The campaign will also highlight the wealth of legitimate ways to watch film and TV by directing viewers to where film fans can find all films, all in one place, all above board.

Watch the trailer:

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