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Jack Paglen in talks to write Prometheus sequel


Story by Jack Foley

JACK Paglen is in talks to write the sequel to Prometheus.

The scriptwriter has recently penned the script for another sci-fi project, Transcendence, which stars Johnny Depp.

The Prometheus sequel is one of the most keenly anticipated follow-ups in recent cinema history given the way in which Ridley Scott’s loose Alien prequel concluded.

Written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, it followed a group of scientists looking for the origins of the human race and opened in theaters in June 2012, going on to become the 15th highest grossing film of the year. It’s earned $403.4 million at the worldwide box office to date.

Little is known about what direction Scott intends to take his sequel.

Similarly, not much is known about Transcendence, which marks the directorial debut for Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer, and co-stars Morgan Freeman.

Transcendence is due to open in US cinemas on April 18, 2014.

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