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Jackpot - Review


Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

HAVING hit the global box office jackpot with the big screen adaptation of his Headhunters novel, Jo Nesbo has now handed over the rights to another story with similarly satisfying results.

If not quite in Headhunters‘ mesmerising class, Jackpot is a violently entertaining crowd-pleaser that continues to showcase Nesbo’s penchant for twisty-turny thrillers.

This one picks up in the aftermath of a strip club shoot-out as sole survivor Oscar (Kyrre Hellum) is taken away for questioning by smart, egotistical police chief Solør (Henrik Mestad).

How Oscar got there is relayed via a series of flashbacks, which reveal how the White collar foreman and three ‘friends’ entered a football pool, won big and then fell out when it came to dividing up the spoils.

Directed with slick, no-nonsense style by Magnus Martens (from an outline by Nesbo) this is a laddish, testosterone driven affair that exists to get more and more outrageous.

As the bodies pile up, the desperation to cover them up becomes more pronounced and dismemberment is the order of the day, albeit with tongue firmly in cheek.

Hence, while Jackpot isn’t for the squeamish it does amuse a lot of the time while giving you at least one character, in Hellum’s endearing Oscar, to genuinely root for.

The manner in which Martens’ film unfolds, meanwhile, recalls plenty of like-minded thrillers and movie buffs are sure to enjoy recognising elements of Shallow Grave, Snatch and especially Coens’ films like Fargo along the way.

But once the dust has settled, Jackpot emerges as a cracking little thriller in its own right… one that’s admittedly rough around the edges and not to everyone’s taste. But it’s a film that enjoyably keeps you guessing right up to and even beyond the end.

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(In Norwegian, with subtitles)

Certificate: 15
Running time: 86 mins
UK Release Date: August 10, 2012