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Jacob's Ladder set for remake

Jacob's Ladder

Story by Jack Foley

JACOB’S Ladder looks set to be given the remake treatment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jeff Buhler, who wrote the Clive Barker adaptation The Midnight Meat Train, is penning a script that is, in itself, a polished version of an earlier draft by Jake Wade Wall.

The 1990 original starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam War veteran who begins to suffer increasingly bizarre hallucinations and attempts to discover the truth behind them.

It was written by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed by Adrian Lyne and was memorable for featuring one of the great twist endings – something that has helped it to achieve cult status.

According to the report, the remake would serve more an an homage rather than a shot for shot redo, with plans to give the story a contemporary setting involving new situations and characters. However, it would still maintain a story that examines issues and poses existential questions.

Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig are among the producers on the project. They are also developing a remake of the 1987 Mickey Rourke-Robert De Niro supernatural thriller Angel Heart.

The search is now on for a director and leading man.

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