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Jameson Cult Film Club going underground for Silence of the Lambs screening

Silence of the Lambs

Preview by Jack Foley

ON FRIDAY, April 19, 2013, Jameson Cult Film Club will screen Jonathan Demme’s adaptation of Robert Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs in the underground warehouse and tunnels of Victoria House, London.

In true Jameson style, the cult film club will host much more than just a film screening, as it creates a fully interactive experience for fans to enjoy.

Guests will meet at the FBI’s Behavioural Science Unit, where they will be surrounded by posters and case notes pertaining to ‘Buffalo Bill’.

Against an eerie backdrop of prison whispers and bleating lambs, guests will make their way down to the prison cell housing Hannibal Lecter himself, keeping their wits about them and their hands off the glass at all times.

Having a well-earned drink is next on the cards; guests will mix their own Jameson cocktails wearing night vision goggles. Refreshed and fully immersed into the life of Clarice Starling, guests will then go through to the screening room via a rather familiar entrance.

Jameson Cult Film Club returns to London after its successful screenings of Reservoir Dogs in Liverpool and Birmingham in February. The cult film club was last in London hosting the Future Cult premiere of Seven Psychopaths, where film fans, cast and crew attended this very special premiere at a warehouse in Bethnal Green.

To get your free tickets to this event, simply sign up as a member at the Jameson Cult Film Club Facebook page