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Jim Carrey signs on for Ricky Stanicky

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Jim Carrey

Story by Jack Foley

JIM Carrey has signed up to play the lead role in new comedy Ricky Stanicky.

The move will see him reuniting with Steve Oedekerk, who wrote Bruce Almighty and wrote and directed the comedian in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

Billed as an ensemble comedy in the vein of The Hangover, the film follows three teens as they pull a prank and accidentally burn down a house in their neighbourhood, prompting them to create a fake person to take the blame: Ricky Stanicky.

Twenty years on, the guys are still using him as an alibi to get out of every uncomfortable situation they find themselves in but are faced with being found out when their girlfriends and wives force them to set up a meeting with Stanicky, prompting them to hire an out-of-work actor to play the part.

The comedy has been in various stages of development ever since 2010, when James Franco was originally attached to play the part of Stanicky.

But Oedekerk has since completed a re-write of the script and has now tempted Carrey back to work with him.

Carrey, for his part, is currently hot off the back of good reviews in comedy flop The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and will next be seen in Kick-Ass 2 playing one of his favourite comic book characters, Colonel Stars and Stripes.

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