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Jim Sturgess talks Upside Down

One Day

Story by Jack Foley

JIM Sturgess has been giving his fans an early insight into what to expect from his forthcoming new film, Upside Down.

Labelling it “a hard film to describe”, the actor – who can currently be seen alongside Anne Hathaway in One Day – said: “It’s basically a crazy idea dreamt up by an equally crazy man called Juan Solanas, an Argentinean director, who had only ever made a short film, which won at Cannes.

“He basically dreamt this idea of these two worlds that are upside down from each other. So, if you look up into the sky you can kind of see another world looming down, with its tallest buildings almost touching – you can see all the traffic and all the people and they’re all living their life up there.

“And it’s really a love story between the two people from the two different worlds. There’s the down below world, which is a sort of war-torn, poverty stricken world, and the up top world, which is a sort of capitalist, thriving, sort of Tokyo/New York sort of place where all the rich people live.”

Sturgess went on to reveal that his character resides in the down below world, while his co-star, Kirsten Dunst, lives up top.

“It’s a love story between these two people. But the idea is that each world has its own gravitational pull, so if I go up into her world, which is forbidden – only slaves and immigrants and illegal people are up there – I have to walk up on the ceilings and I’m upside down,” he continued.

“So, it’s kind of a crazy premise for a love story but I’m really excited about it. I mean, I’m not allowed to be up there, so once I get there I’m running around all the ceilings, being chased.

“But it has a very European sort of style to it. It was made by French filmmakers essentially, so it’s kind of like Amelie meets Blade Runner or something like that. It’s pretty out there. I’ve seen some bits of it that look visually amazing.”

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