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JJ Abrams talks Star Wars and moving to London

JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise on the set of Mission Impossible 3

Story by Jack Foley

JJ ABRAMS has been talking about his approach to the new Star Wars movie as well as his plans to move to London in 2014.

The director, currently riding high off the back of the success of his Star Trek sequel Into Darkness, says he plans to move to the English capital at the end of the year to commence work on the keenly-anticipated project.

He also said that while his new film would honour the past of George Lucas’s Star Wars legacy, it would not revere it.

Speaking on Saturday (June 8, 2013) at the Produced By Conference in America, the filmmaker said: “I think the key to moving forward on something like this is honouring but not revering what came before. It is so massive and so important to people.”

He remained tight lipped on specific plot details, and declined to answer one question on whether the new films would draw on any existing Star Wars novels, but he did talk about shooting in London and joked that it wasn’t something he was necessarily looking forward to.

Abrams has sought to shoot all of his movies to date in Los Angeles in order to remain close to his family. But Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy recently confirmed that production on Episode VII will take place in the UK, in line with the saga’s other films.

And Abrams said that the decision “really does make me insane”, elaborating that the move to London would be quite an inconvenience for his wife and children.

“When you’re 13 and 14, it’s like, f**k that, I don’t care what the movie is,” he joked.

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