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Joel Edgerton and Mark Strong in line for Bigelow Bin Laden movie

Mark Strong

Story by Jack Foley

AUSTRALIAN actor Joel Edgerton and British stalwart Mark Strong are both in talks to appear in Kathryn Bigelow’s new film about the hunt for and eventual takedown of Osama Bin Laden.

A joint production between Bigelow and Mark Boal, who last worked together on the Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker, the film is also negotiating with Jessica Chastain, Edgar Ramirez, Chris Pratt and Jason Clarke, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The duo are keen to get underway with the project, with shooting planned for this February with a view to having the film ready for a late December release in the US.

However, their progress could yet be delayed yet again by conflicting intelligence coming out of the White House about the hunting down of Bin Laden.

Bigelow has already put off starting, having intended to make her film about the hunt for Bin Laden before a black ops team successfully tracked and killed the terrorist leader last summer.

But now it has been alleged by a key Republican in Congress that the Obama administration gave improper information to the Hollywood filmmakers.

Peter King, head of the House Homeland Security Committee, released a letter in December from the Pentagon stating that the inspector general’s office covering intelligence matters “will address actions taken by Department of Defense personnel related to the release of information to the filmmakers”.

This could, in turn, help form “a single point of reference” that would govern future relations between the White House and the entertainment industry. It is not clear how this will affect the script for Bigelow’s film, if proven, but it could be interesting to see how the story develops.

Bigelow and Boal are keen to make their film as authentic as possible having won widespread respect and acclaim for the way they handled The Hurt Locker.

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