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John Travolta fears for future of character-driven films

John Travolta in Wild Hogs

Story by Jack Foley

SCREEN legend John Travolta has spoken of his fears for the future of character-driven films.

Speaking at the BFI in London following the UK premiere of Killing Season, his latest film in which he plays a Serbian who seeks revenge on a US veteran, played by Robert De Niro, the actor said that storytelling is being overtaken by gimmicks in mainstream movie-making.

Asked by host Jonathan Ross whether he would consider appearing in a comic book film, Travolta said that he wasn’t really “a comic book guy” (his one foray into that world was The Punisher alongside Thomas Jane), although he wouldn’t rule out being cast as a Bond villain.

However, the discussion moved him to comment: “I am a little worried because the kind of films I’ve loved over the years are diminishing by this new wave of financing in films. I’m doing my best to make the kind of movies I respect and I’m going out of my way to target them. But the honest truth is… I think we’ll see more gimmick films.

“The heyday of humane stories and character driven stories are limited. It’s not that they’re over because good stories will always be told but they are becoming limited.”

Travolta’s comments mirror those made by directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas recently, in which they predicted that cinema would implode and that risk-taking in story-telling was now most common on cable and VOD. Find out more

During the on stage interview, Travolta also paid an emotional tribute to friend and five-time acting partner James Gandolfini, who died last week at the age of 51 following a heart attack.

Killing Season is directed by Mark Steven Johnson and will be released in the UK by Lionsgate later this year.

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