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Johnny Depp linked to Night Stalker/Paul Revere movies

Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

Story by Jack Foley

JOHNNY Depp is being linked to two new movies through his Infinitum Nihil production company and Disney.

First and foremost is a film version of cult ’70s TV series The Night Stalker, which followed the fortunes of a reporter named Carl Kolchak as he investigated mysterious crimes of a supernatural or sci-fi nature.

The original role was played by Darren McGavin but Depp could develop the project as a potential star vehicle.

The second project is a historical re-telling of American Revolution hero Paul Revere, whose 1775 midnight ride to warn the colonists of a British Invasion has become part of American folklore.

A script is being developed for the latter, while Disney is looking for writers for the former, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The distributor is keen to keep Depp happy and with them off the back of his success with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. They also have him committed to the Lone Ranger movie as his next project now that he has completed filming Dark Shadows for Warner Bros and Tim Burton.

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