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Jonah Hill defends Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street

Story by Jack Foley

JONAH Hill is the latest actor to defend Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.

Speaking at Variety’s Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch brunch in Palm Springs, the actor – who was being honoured – said that he felt that some of the film’s critics had misunderstood the lessons that can be taken away from it.

Rather than glorifying the lifestyle of Wall Street traders, the film – he maintains – serves as a cautionary tale that nothing good can come from it.

He told Variety: “I personally take away the message from the film that this behavior, this lifestyle, leads to a very bad ending.

“I think the movie is not glorifying this behavior, it is showing that it leads to bad places whether their judicial punishment doesn’t reflect that is one thing. Where your life ends up, who you are as a person, is another.”

Based on the memoir by Wall Street trader Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street is a tale of greed and excess that is high on sex and provocative activity. Hill has been winning widespread acclaim for his performance alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

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