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Judy Moody & The NOT Bummer Summer - Review

Judy Moody & The NOT Bummer Summer

Review by Rob Carnevale

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

JUDY Moody is derived from a series of children’s books from American author Megan McDonald but is, essentially, another of those ugly movies that place a precocious pre-teen front and centre.

Featuring Australian newcomer Jordana Beaty in the title role, it chronicles the attempts by Judy to have a super-cool summer break with the help of her ditsy Aunt (Heather Graham) and nerdy, Big Foot-obsessed younger brother (Parris Mosteller), which almost always ends in disaster.

But what ensues is a painfully laboured and utterly unfunny series of mis-adventures based around low-brow gags and sit-com style humour.

Beaty’s Judy is supposed to be the endearing centre-point but comes across as spoilt, self-centred and way too big for her boots… her sense of entitlement never once checked and her popularity impossible to fathom.

But she’s surrounded by thinly-sketched, half-baked supporting characters, from Jaleel White’s irritating teacher to Preston Bailey’s best friend, right down to Graham’s supposedly kooky aunt.

Director John Schultz attempts to brighten things up with animated sequences designed to illustrate Judy’s colourful imagination and slapstick pratfalls geared towards bigger laughs, but neither feel particularly inspired or original.

While a sub-plot involving the search for the aforementioned Big Foot merely adds unnecessary padding and stupidity to proceedings.

If you find the likes of Horrid Henry or those diaries of a wimpy kid remotely engaging and endearing, then Judy Moody quite possibly offers another movie to add to your collection.

But the majority will find this hopelessly juvenile, childishly constructed and not in the least bit appealing… a real pain in the bum then!

Certificate: PG
Running time: 91mins
UK Release Date: October 21, 2011