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Justin Lin drops out of Highlander remake

Justin Lin directs Fast & Furious

Story by Jack Foley

JUSTIN Lin has reportedly dropped out of directing Highlander, Summit’s remake of the 1986 movie.

The Fast & The Furious hotshot had been attached to the project since September 2009 but saw his career go into overdrive after the success of Fast Five – a success that has seen him become in hot demand.

He’s now attached to a sixth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise as well as a potential new Terminator movie.

As a result, his timetable doesn’t match with Summit’s plans to move forward with the Highlander remake sooner rather than later, prompting Lin to take the decision to step.

He will, however, remain with the project as executive producer.

Summit has now stepped up its search for a new direction as it is reportedly keen to find a new franchise to develop once Twilight comes to an end in 2012.

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