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Justin Lin talks Fast & Furious 6

Fast Five

Story by Jack Foley

JUST when you thought it couldn’t get any faster, Justin Lin has announced plans to push forward with a sixth movie in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Following the fifth film’s turbo-charged US opening weekend of $86.2 million, plus its global success, Lin told USA Today “we’re going forward”. He added: “It’s pretty much 100%. It’s going to happen.”

As of yet, this statement has yet to be officially confirmed by Universal but the studio is believed to have been in favour of further franchise installments even before the movie opened in the US (based on strong pre-release buzz and tracking).

What’s more, Chris Morgan, the writer of the third, fourth and fifth installments, has signed a two-year, first-look pact, which would link him to future movies and he has already announced plans to write a Fast Six.

Speculation aside, a sixth movie would appear to be inevitable given the post-credits teaser sequence involving Dwayne Johnson’s new character, Hobbs, and Eva Mendes as they look over a new case that seems destined to propel the franchise forward given that it involves a case involving a robbery that Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty, who was murdered in 2009’s Fast & Furious, is somehow involved in.

Adds Lin: “At Five, we’re just hitting our stride. We’re growing. People want to continue this journey.”

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