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Kate Winslet breaks silence on Leonardo DiCaprio's Titanic fate


Story by Jack Foley

KATE Winslet has finally broken her silence on one of the longest running debates in recent movie history: whether or not she could actually have saved Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Oscar-winning movie Titanic.

And incredibly, she agrees with many fans that her character, Rose, could indeed have saved Jack.

When US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel noted that “there was plenty of room on the raft” for both of them, the Oscar-winning actress replied: “I know, I know!”

She then went one step further, adding: “I agree, I think he could have actually fitted on that bit of door.”

In the final scenes of James Cameron’s Titanic, lovers Jack (DiCaprio) and Rose (Winslet) are parted forever when it becomes apparent there is only room for one of them on a floating door after the ship hits an iceberg and sinks.

Rose remains afloat, and goes on to enjoy a long and happy life, while the heroic Jack shivers to his death in the icy Atlantic.

However, ever since the movie was released in 1997, fans have reacted with scepticism about whether Jack could actually have been saved, with some conspiracy theorists even daring to suggest that Rose may have hogged the space maliciously.

And in 2012, the TV programme Mythbusters went out of its way to comprehensively prove that the couple could have both squeezed on, in a variety of configurations.

Director Cameron hit back by arguing that the question was also one of buoyancy, only for the Mythbusters team to respond that even this could have been remedied by Rose placing her life-jacket beneath the raft.

Now, Winslet’s admission only looks set to leave more fans upset that one of modern cinema’s greatest romances could not have ended more happily ever after.

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