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Kevin Macdonald launches Christmas In A Day on YouTube

Christmas In A Day

Story by Jack Foley

CHRISTMAS In A Day, a brand new documentary film from Oscar®-winning director Kevin Macdonald (Marley, The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void) which brings to life how Britain really celebrates Christmas, launched today (Friday, November 29), on YouTube.

Macdonald’s film captures what Christmas in Britain is really like today. The 50-minute film is comprised of real footage filmed by real people, in the manner of Macdonald’s film for YouTube, Life In A Day, which became a phenomenon on YouTube, viewed more than 8 million times.

Christmas In A Day, is a beautiful and moving document created from over 360 hours of festive footage submitted by people from all over the UK.

The film took over a year to complete beginning with a call-out to contributors and culminating with its release on Youtube. The final film includes footage from 114 contributors from all over the UK and reveals both the shared rituals and preparations that define contemporary Christmas, but also great differences in how Christmas is experienced.

Christmas In A Day is produced by Ridley Scott Associates and Scott Free London, and funded by Sainbury’s.

A special premiere screening was held last night (Thursday, November 28) at BAFTA in London, with Macdonald presenting the finished film to the filmmakers who participated and their families.

Macdonald commented: “When we were cutting Life In A Day, we talked about what it might be like if we chose a day that already had significance to people and of course Christmas is the one time in the year when everyone steps back from ordinary life and we have the time to stop and think about our lives.

“We had no preconceptions about the footage that we might receive or whether people would embrace it as they had with Life In A Day. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of people up and down the country in sharing their Christmas.

“I think what is surprisingly affecting about the film is the common aspects of Christmas for so many, and the importance of simple, fundamental even ordinary things for people – their love for their families, fear of illness, of death, of being alone.

“There is beauty and something extraordinary in the ordinary. People’s feelings really come through and there are tougher moments as well as funny and poignant parts, but overall there is a natural truthfulness which for me in making a documentary, is really the greatest pleasure.”

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