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Kick-Ass sequel to begin shooting in summer 2012


Story by Jack Foley

THE keenly-anticipated sequel to Kick-Ass is set to start shooting within the next few months, according to comic book creator Mark Millar.

In an interview with Scotland’s Daily Record Millar is quoted as saying: “We shoot Kick-Ass 2 and American Jesus this summer. Then Matthew [Vaughn] and I have Secret Service, which is a neddy James Bond.”

Millar didn’t elaborate much further and wouldn’t be drawn on casting or director, although his comments did seem to indicate that Vaughn will be involved.

Distributing studio Lionsgate has yet to make an announcement.

Millar did, however, go on to speak about American Jesus, which he said would offer a respectful take on the idea of a modern-day Jesus Christ.

“A lot of people are surprised because much of my work is irreverent and expect the same with American Jesus,” he said. “But I want it to be a beautiful film. A film about the returned Jesus Christ has amazing artistic potential…

“It is the reverse of The Omen, which is about a kid who finds out he is the anti-Christ. This is a kid who finds out he is Jesus Christ.”

Commenting on Secret Service, Millar described it described it as “My Fair Lady meets James Bond”, adding: “We came up with this idea of a wee ned who becomes a gentleman spy, ditching his trainers for his Savile Row suits and being taught how to speak properly”

Millar is halfway through completing the comic at the moment but claimed that he and Vaughn were already contemplating their early casting choices.

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